About us


From stainless steel industry to horse training

After my business studies and 25 years of working life in the stainless steel industry, it was time to turn my passion into a profession. Now I live and work with horses. First in Germany with Alex as mobile trainers under the name WB Ranchhorses and now in our favourite country Andalusia, as Los Dos on the beautiful Costa de la Luz.


A life with horses

Having spent a lot of time on the farm early in my life, the foundation for my passion for animals and nature was laid. It took me until 2005 before I could turn my hobby into my profession. For two years I worked at the StoneHill Ranch in Upper Austria as foreman and trail guide. In 2008 I started my own guestranch Hacienda del Piero in southern Burgenland. 10 years later I have focused more on the training of horse and rider and worked together with Sabine as WB Ranchhorses for several years in Germany.

After the experiences with the Hacienda del Piero and the mobile training, I am happy to be able to combine both (training and trail riding) here in our favourite country Andalusia.

WB Ranchhorses

For 4 years we worked in Germany as mobile trainers. We presented our work at various well-known horse fairs and gave courses nationwide. For us it was an important and instructive time, during which we got to know many great horse-rider couples and were able to accompany them along their way.

Los Dos

We have always been drawn to the south and after Manolo Camargo asked us if we would like to do our work from his Picadero, we moved to the Costa de la Luz in autumn 2019 after one year of planning. Our start into the new life was clearly different than planned: At the end of November 2019, our friend and business partner passed away completely unexpectedly and we were on our own. At the actual start of the season in March 2020, the corona pandemic hit Spain with all its consequences and limitations. But we still feel very comfortable here and will continue to offer rides and lessons with our 7 horses. We are very excited about the possibilities that will arise for us.